We produce high precision turned parts for the automation, energy, hydraulic/gas, racing, electric, electronic and design sectors. In our plant based in Schio (VI) we process brass, automatic steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, POM and aluminum. Each project is developed according to the customer's specifications, carefully listening to the client's specific needs and customizing our service as needed.

ADVISING - Thanks to our experience in precision turning of small diameters from Ø 1,5mm to Ø 32mm, we can assist the customer in the product optimization, advising on the best technological solutions and the maximum economic convenience.
TRANSPARENCY - Our prices are always in line with market ones, adjusted to the value of raw materials, communicated through clear and complete offers and price lists. When possible, we apply economies of scale to always guarantee the best price.
FLEXIBILITY - Thanks to the versatility of our production department, we can simultaneously offer a wide range of machinings, dimensions, materials. The continuous engagement of our highly specialized personnel and the prompt introduction of new technologies allow us to introduce ever more complex items without limitations.
PUNCTUALITY - We have developed a programming software to guarantee fast deliveries and special channels dedicated to urgencies, management of important volumes and planning of long-term forecasts.

  • Raw materials stock
  • Customer Service
  • CNC Programming
  • CNC Turning
  • Automated optical technology

Our production standards

  • Minimum bar passage: Ø 1,5 mm
    Maximum bar passage: Ø 32 mm
  • Materials: brass, steel, stainless steel, POM, aluminum
  • Production lot : 1.000/500.000 pcs depending on size, material and type of machining
  • Sectors: automation, energy, hydraulic, gas, electric, electronic, design, racing
  • Products: sensor housings, components for microswitches, pins, fittings, shafts, inserts, micromechanics
  • Treatments: nickel plating, galvanizing, lanthane, tin plating, silvering, gilding, anodizing, hardening, carbonitriding
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company
Our technology is constantly evolving. If you don’t find correspondence with our standards and you need a high precision turned component, contact us and we will find a solution to suit your needs.


Within our 4000 mq of production space highly specialized operators create high precision components for the most various applications with passion and know-how. CNC from 4 to 10 axes and traditional lathes offer a maximized extension of manufacturing range and all the best of sliding headstock turning, ideal for long parts with small diameters.
We produce components with complex geometry and multiple combinations of holes, threads, and millings with dimension from Ø 1,5 to Ø 32mm.
Consolidated partnerships with the best suppliers of raw materials, tools and surface treatments always ensure first-class results. We turn brass, automatic steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, POM and aluminum which can be completed with heat treatments, surface treatments and small assemblages. For our quality department we have chosen the best of automated optical technology which guarantees the objective measurement of all the dimensions with absolute precision.


We respect nature by choosing the clean energy of our photovoltaic system, which saves the environment 75 tons per year of carbon dioxide, and of our 100% ecological washing systems.


Compliance with specifications and customer satisfaction are the essential conditions of our job. We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the field of application "Production of precision turned parts to customer specification"


AUTOMATION: we produce sensor housings, components for microswitches, operating elements and precision parts for the management of machines and processes.
HYDRAULIC/GAS: we produce turned fittings, inserts, pins, cores and microcomponents for the storage and the handling of water and gas and for temperature control systems.
ENERGY: we create specific precision turned components for numerous applications in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection.
DESIGN: we realize your most imaginative projects with our brass, steel and POM components for fashion, design and free time.

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